The Personal Planning Session 


The very first step in helping you solve the homebuilding puzzle, your Personal Planning Session can be conducted by phone, internet (Skype) or in person.  

Our award winning designer, Kerri, and experienced building coordinator, J.R., will meet with you to identify your specific wants, needs & desires to create a custom home concept that suits you!

Your complimentary 
Personal Planning Session

1. Design-Build Consultation
We start building the corners of your homebuilding puzzle using our philosophy of the
“4 Corners of a Great Design”.

2. Site Evaluation
We evaluate your land site in person with you, or if not within a feasible travel distance, via photos and internet (such as Google Earth)

3. Home Concept Sketches:
With over 15 years experience in designing homes, Kerri will custom design a home with you and draw sketches of the Elevation and Floor Plan:


 You can schedule your complimentary Personal Planning Session online:


or visit, call or email us and we’ll get started!


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